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Goggles are not just a piece of flight equipment, they play the fundamental role of protecting your eyes from the sun, wind, and insects/debris.

We have carefully selected the best lenses on the market, which are made in Italy. These lenses meet the technical characteristics, comfort, and style that Nvolo is known for. We proudly present: Nvolo Flight Gogglesthe lenses are all AntiFog and Anti-scratch.

The basic goggle is supplied with the hooks for the NVolo helmet and the transparent lens. also spare lenses are available, such as the blue and silver mirrored lenses, or the high visibility photochromic orange-red mirror lens.

Lenti aggiuntive
Silver mirrored
Blue mirrored
Green mirrored
Orange mirrored
Orange photocromics
Elastico lungo

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This new flight accessory was created to meet the needs of pilots.

Installing the Flight  goggles is quick and easy to thanks to the new design that allows for ultra-fast attachment. The lenses easily snap to the visor (compatible with Nvolo helmets).

Flight Goggles lenses offer a wide field of view and are easily interchangeable. Pilots can choose from a vast assortment of colors including: high visibility photochromic, anti-fog, anti-UV, anti-scratch, transparent and mirror lenses.

The fastening elastic does not pass inside the helmet shell but is on the outside, offering a better fit, greater adherence to the ear muffs and a refined aesthetic.

The comfort of this new accessory is unique. The lenses can be lowered and positioned simply with 2 fingers, even when wearing gloves. This system provides the pilot with the confidence to use it with ease during flight.

These Nvolo goggles are also versatile! The new design allows you to detach the goggles for use without a helmet. Not only can the Nvolo Glasses can be used in flight, but also for other outdoor activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, parachuting.

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